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Yoga and Movement

Twenty-two years of study in dance and 10 years of study in yoga have fueled my lifelong fascination with movement and the incredible abilities of the body.  In 2012, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher certification with the Perri Institute for Mind and Body. Since then, I have taught parent and baby yoga,  yoga for preschoolers, yoga for dancers, and private prenatal yoga.  


A vigorous prior career in dance and performance has taught me how to approach challenging situations with ease and calm. Paired with the somatic focus of movement and yoga, I have honed an understanding of the physical body coupled with subtle underlying emotions.  

In doula work, I've witnessed the physical relationship between birther and baby, and seen how they work together as a team for a more easeful birth. I draw upon yoga and fetal positioning techniques to support clients with movement options both for comfort in pregnancy, as well as ease and progression for labor and birth.  

To inquire about private prenatal yoga sessions, email, call or fill out the form on the contact page.

Photo credit Sophie Kuller

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